Friday, June 17, 2011

Puffy Eyes Remedy

puffy eyes remedyHome remedies and tips to help you get rid of puffy eyes swollen

1. Keep your chin in his bed. To prevent the liquid from spreading around your eyes, raise your head high with two or even three pillows under your head.

2. Sleep on your back. Interruption in the belly can make the head of the body fluid in the eye leading to puffy eyes. So try to sleep face up.

3. Reduce salt intake. Eating too much salt can cause your body to retain water, which appears in the thin skin around your eyes. Consider taking a low-salt diet to get rid of pockets. This will have positive effects on your overall health as well.

4. Soak a cotton ball or pad in a cup of ice water, get rid of and apply to your lids for five to ten minutes to reduce puffiness.

A cool tip for puffy eyes

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Keep your eye gel in the fridge it feels cool and soothing when you apply.

5. Never sleep with eye makeup applied. No matter how tired you are, make sure you remove all make-up you and especially the eye makeup thoroughly before going to sleep.

6. makeup remover apply until the cotton ball shows no trace of makeup. This will keep the oil glands in your eyelids clean and protect your eyes from mascara stains or eye shadow that can be potentially irritating to the eyes while you sleep.


If your eyes are constantly swollen, they are in danger of becoming unsightly pockets. Sleeves withstand a home treatment, compared with normal pockets. This could be because the normal fat around the eyes swelled. Do eye gels Really Work?

Some eye gels does help reduce puffiness. eye gels may also offer other advantages. Used under makeup, eye gels are great primers that allow makeup glide on better and prevent flakes or settle in the grooves. This is because most water-based gels are the eyes. eye gels can relieve tired eyes. They are cool and refreshing, and if your eyes are tired, the application on some eye gel can refresh them.

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