Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fast Food and Childhood Obesity

fast food and childhood obesity
It is best to begin the process of gradually thinning, with slight modifications, to build - and build - slowly healthy eating habits and active lifestyle. If you apply these steps, you help your children to lose weight, which is also very important to get used to and enjoy a healthy life.

Cut calories.
Remember that in general, half a kilo of body weight equals about 3500 calories. This means that if your child takes 300 calories (four cookies, a serving of fries, a small hamburger, six chicken nuggets ...) extra per day in three weeks have gained a kilo. DO NOT put a child on a diet without the help of your pediatrician. Drinking fewer calories
Most children drink too many calories. When you are thirsty, it is best to drink water. But today we tend to abuse the fruit juices, yoghurt drinks, smoothies, juices and milk, soda cans ..... Eliminates drinks high in sugar and calories for skim milk, water and diet soda (no abuse).

Eat less junk food
Although fast food places such McDonalds and Burger King have reportedly begun offering healthier alternatives (salads, fish ....), it is true that these places owe their success to offering fast food with taste standard (got, of course, through laboratories and not quality raw material). If we take our children to this type of restaurant, it is normal to choose a happy meal, or - if they are older - a hamburger with fries, full of calories and little nutrition. Tenera burgers with lean minced and bread, homemade pizza with low fat cheese, baked potatoes stuffed with nutritious ingredients ..... as well as having better taste, no doubt pose a much healthier alternative.

A wiser shopping list
Although we can not have control over what our children eat outside the home, we still have time to teach good habits because they spend more hours at home than anywhere else. We must rethink their shopping list, opting for tasty, healthy food and rejecting "easy" as biscuits, sweets, crisps, pastries, petit suisse, nuts .... If no fattening foods in the pantry, no one in our family can eat normally. Consider alternative snacks prepared snacks based on little bread and much ham and lettuce, yogurt, low sugar cereals, fruit, low fat cheese .....

Aspire to a more active life
Outside gameboy, playstation, TV .... Most modern pastimes do not require any physical effort of our children, and that contributes to childhood obesity. Years ago, leisure and gaming site was the street. Up games and street football, basketball, running, cops and robbers, camber, skids ..... Find a sport for your children, point them to a football or basketball team. Exploits the fame of athletes like Rafael Nadal, to take aim at tennis. If there is no possibility of joining a team, buy a bike, a skateboard. Organize your time off to which is bound to make some kind of exercise, even just a walk with you, walking the dog, go shopping ....

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