Wednesday, June 29, 2011

lost birth control pill

lost birth control pill

I have lost a birth control pill!

I'm taking antconceptivos minesse and I lost one of the pills. Consult the prospectus and only speaks of the omission of tablets, I do not explain if lost. What can I do? I can have a box of "spare" that serves to replace me pills to lose?


I understand that when he says that he lost a pill meant I was going to take a pill and it fell and could not find it, or something, no?. And immediately after checking that he had lost, took the next pack, or no?

If so, the loss of a birth control pill is not a problem of particular importance while not stop taking another pill to replace the loss in the appropriate timeframe. In this case, the container will last one day less, the menstrual cycle last a day less, but maintain the effectiveness of birth control.

You do not need a container if you miss a pill, as in the different phases of the cycle, the pills contain different doses of hormones and make a reservation of one container may be even less effective than taking the next pill container loss pill.

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