Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poison Ivy Treatment Over The Counter

Poison Ivy Treatment Over The Counter
The best way to poison ivy dermatitis is prevention. Wash with soap and water can help reduce the severity of the rash, but this is impractical because it has to do at a time after exposure. (After 10 minutes, only 50% of the resin is removable, and for 30 minutes only 10%.)

Once started, the rash usually disappears on its own by 14-21 days. Treatment is aimed at controlling the itching. Oral antihistamines (eg diphenhydramine [Benadryl.]) May help a little itchy, but often do nothing but make people drowsy. Cortisone creams, either over the counter or by prescription, are only useful if applied immediately, before the blisters appear, or much later when the blisters have dried. Compresses with cool water or Burow's solution (available without prescription) can help dry the sludge faster.

When the rash is severe, as when the face or causes extensive blistering, oral steroids (eg prednisone) may help produce rapid improvement. This course of therapy should be maintained, often in decreasing doses for 10-14 days or longer in some cases, to avoid the rebound rash and intensified again. Patients receiving a package of six days of cortisone pills often worsen again as complete, since the dose is too low and given for too short.

Folklore, medical and other supports many agents, aloe leaves to tea bags, meat tenderizer as treatments for poison ivy and poison related to plants. Although these drugs are usually harmless, are of questionable value.

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