Saturday, June 18, 2011

How to Reduce Swollen Eyes

how to reduce swollen eyes
Swollen eyes are reflected in the swelling of the upper and sometimes also the lower lids. The causes can be absolutely different nature. The best known cause: a lack of sleep. Especially if at the same still exists a certain genetic component, it can be in sleep deprivation (especially with additional alcohol consumption) are amplified to the problem.

In addition to a genetic component, the causes may also be predetermined reasons are not strong. Possible cause may be, for example an allergy (mainly contact allergy) or an infection in the eyelid.

The latter is suspected especially if redness or heat feelings arise in this area. Possible explanation for this may again be a so-called barley grain or the presence of conjunctivitis.

A dryness of the eyes or swollen eyes are also in the context of elevated blood pressure or diseases of liver and kidney possible. A frequent cause is a lymphatic, and these cases are relatively easy to treat.

In rare cases, swollen eyes and as a result of poisoning or animal bites (e.g spider bite) may occur. Of course you can also get by strong wines temporarily swollen eyes.

How to reduce swollen eyes? There are various possibilities. Known are for example Face masks or home remedies such as cucumbers, which are laid on the eyes. Also, creams or compress's are common cure for swollen eyes.

They fight for a cosmetic problem and can to drought or even in lymph bring relief (if one uses Lympstau but usually a lymph drainage).

If a problem with eye swelling more frequently or in combination with other symptoms to, necessarily, a doctor should be consulted to determine the individual causes.

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