Saturday, June 25, 2011

birth control pills cost

birth control pills costThe cost of emergency contraceptive pills can vary greatly depending on where you get them. Therefore, make sure you know from the outset what the cost. In the United States, the pills cost between $ 35 and $ 60 in pharmacies, and the cost of a visit to the doctor for a prescription can be $ 30 or more. Planned Parenthood clinics and other family planning clinics tend to have different rates for their services, which could allow it to obtain emergency contraception at a lower price (or even free) if you do not have health insurance or are low income .

If you are 17 years or less and need a prescription for emergency contraceptive pills, a way to reduce costs is to request an advance prescription the next time you visit your health care provider. (The requirements are only valid for one year from the date they are issued, so be sure to ask your provider does not write the date. So, you can fill the same date if you ever need to get emergency contraception). You would not only eliminate the cost of a special visit for emergency contraceptive pills, but also, should you need them, we would use them as soon as possible after intercourse. In addition, some Planned Parenthood clinics and other family planning clinics may directly contact the local pharmacist and prescribing birth control pills on the phone, so you do not have to pay a visit to the doctor.

On August 24, 2006, the FDA approved the sale without prescription of emergency contraceptive pill Plan B for women and men 18 and older. This will reduce costs for women, since they do not have to visit a doctor for a prescription, even if the manufacturer of Plan B, Barr Pharmaceuticals, costs increased slightly counter version of the product. On the other hand, the pills without a prescription will probably not be covered by health insurance. Women 17 years and younger require a prescription. Click here for more information on how to implement the age restriction and perhaps older adults - parents, siblings or friends - may buy Plan B to give to women under 18.

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